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Globe Telecom

Globe Telecommunication Corporation is the largest mobile telecom provider in the Philippines. It believes its 4G network promises not just a faster service for its customers but ‘a hypnotising and fascinating interaction with an ever-changing and evolving digital world’ that includes apps and services, mobile TV, gaming, 3D television and cloud computing. We like to think this logo design proposal is the first experience of that fascination for Globe™ customers. And talking about fascination, isn’t time all logos had movement?


Advertising · Web / Interactive design

Hulma. Turning the World on its Head.

This is all fictional, but I sometimes wonder what would have happened if my Dad’s fashion business had taken off in the sixties and seventies, when he took over his father’s clothing business called Hulma. What would it be like today? How exciting could it be storing some of the finest brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Wallis, Calvin Klein, Hermes and Girbaud? And how could I help to create powerful communication design would turn the world on its head, attracting customers from all over? E-commerce and advertising / POS elements. Photography by Steve Hiatt and La Chose.


Better listening leads to better solutions > Siemens Information and Communication platform

These full-page newspaper ads reflect modern day frustrations at grass root level. Many businesses need help on improving their electronic networking and real-time communication platforms. They need software modules and systems that are fault-tolerant, quick and increasingly resemble genuine artificial intelligence. These new applications are geared to understand business much better. Soon, there will be an increasing use of humanoid virtual figures, software agents or even actual robots, which are able to act autonomously in certain situations and can adapt to a company’s needs and preferences at much bigger speeds and capacity. Moreover, routine tasks will be increasingly conducted by technical systems, which will be capable of learning from experience and managing themselves in alliance with other machines. Thanks to miniaturization in microelectronics and increases in software power, many devices will be outfitted with integrated sensors, artificial intelligence and the ability to communicate. As such computing intelligence comes to inhabit more and more commonplace objects, it will increasingly become an invisible part of everyday life. At least, that’s what the engineers at Siemens are working on. Just so you know …


Yield-X. Isn’t the 21st Century wonderful?

These magazine and indoor billboard ads announce the all new electronic interest rate exchange of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE). For Varder-Hulsbosch Brand Developers. 1. Spot Bonds. SWAPS. FRA’s. Repossessions. Carries. A single point of access. Isn’t the 21st Century wonderful? 2. Optimum price discovery. Maximum cost efficiency. That’s the beauty of cold, hard technology. 3. One click and you’re in. Coming soon. YieldX, the JSE’s online Internet Rate Exchange.