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A new identity for the world leader in biosimilars

Sandoz is part of the Novartis group of companies – and a world leader in affordable generic medicines. As soon as you hear the word ‘generic’, you may think the organisation simply produces copies of medicines without the cost of R&D and patenting, perhaps using inexpensive production lines. In fact, the Swiss-based company has a far more interesting approach: it develops complete new solutions to existing formulas that truly make a difference in patients’ lives. As a result, Sandoz has become a world leader in developing drug-delivery systems and complex biosimilars.

How does a corporate identity begin to reflect Sandoz’s ethos and sense of purpose? Simply, our work is a graphic ‘biosimilar.’ The primary icon is an S born out of three Ss. Repeated and replicated with Swiss precision, the identity offers the viewer a look into a company which provides 90% of the world’s population with sophisticated yet affordable medicines. A global organization with almost infinite facets.

We like to think this simple design principle provides meaning and brings Sandoz to life for customers and employees alike.

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Radical change at 75

Corporate communication for Timberland, the American manufacturer and retailer of outdoors wear with a focus on footwear. Timberland (part of the VF Corporation) celebrates its 75th birthday and calls all its stakeholders to join the party. However, it’s not all going to be fun. It’s also a good time to learn in person of Timberland’s new business plan that management is envisioning. To learn and understand the strategy behind it. And what it means for you and the future of the business.

At the same event, as part of this new strategy, CEO Eric Wiseman also wishes to announce a new partnership with English footwear maker Puzo. Enough reason to intrigue and make sure people will attend this important annual meeting. Below is a selection of the various elements we’ve done i.e. company journal cover, invitations, congress banners, and various web elements.

TimMAG2 tim22bannerswebelements

Graphic design

TyYoga – Shift your Body and Mind into Balance

Ty Moodley Yoga (TyYoga) offers the comprehensive Iyengar method for yoga in the heart of the city – in the serene settings of the Sandton Mews Garden complex. For Ty, yoga is more than just a form of exercise; it is a holistic experience that benefits the body, mind, and spirit. The philosophy and ideals behind this ancient practice explains how yoga can help shift the stresses of modern living into balance, vitality and rejuvenation. Ty’s customer base does mainly cater for young professionals – therefore, the communication needed to be arresting and fresh. Ty believes these typographic posters express his Balance proposition exactly.

Graphic design

Employee Empowerment on the African Continent

African economies are changing fast. It is challenging for any organisation to operate in them, but with more than 1 billion potential customers at hand, the prospects are gigantic. Africa’s hallmark is diversity and widespread research has learned that organisations owning purpose-lead strategies tap better into Africa’s growth rewards than organisations that don’t. African governments and communities will continue to welcome responsible and committed investment that create meaning beyond realising their common profit growth aims. In return, governments offer greater regional access, integration and infrastructure development that hold the prospect of a more connected continent. Purpose matters in Africa, perhaps more than in any other continent — fostering an over-arching goal that can lead to a better life, a better experience, a better relation or better service. It’ll boost your company’s affluence, growth and loyalty. But beware, no purpose-strategy is self-executing: you have to make it real. Sustainable success in Africa is increasingly turning on identifying, nurturing and retaining talented and committed local staff. As a business operating on the African continent, MultiChoice Africa (MCA) is very conscious of its responsibility towards its employee development. The MCA Employee Report communicates its African experiences, stories, goals, and why the business invests so heavily in Africa’s future. It understands that the success of its operations and the prosperity of the communities in which it operates are closely linked to its over-arching purpose: by ENRICHING LIVES, the company actively participates in social transformation and, through technology, enables individuals and communities to help themselves.


MultiChoice Africa’s activities involve the operation of Pay-Television and internet subscriber platforms across the African continent.


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The United Nations and Unicef: A global pact on children’s rights

This 24-page booklet explains in simple and engaging language, the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which was adopted by the General Assembly and UNICEF in 1989. The booklet targets children of secondary education institutions across 12 different countries in the Mid and South Americas. The Convention’s 54 articles cover everything from a child’s right to be free from sexual and economic exploitation, to the right to his or her own opinion, and to the right to education, health care, and economic opportunity are part of this education gloss-over. Illustrated by Sam Brown and printed on heavy stock – Translated and published in 12 countries. United Nations 2009, New York, NY.
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