So far, we have won more than 170 creative awards for our work.

Over the years, we have won more than 170 major creative awards for our work, locally and internationally. Many of those, we are proud to say, are for effectiveness. We have been lucky enough to work with a wide range of clients, from iconic brands to nerve-wracking start-ups. From a single logo identity to fully-fledged multimedia ad campaigns.

How does an award-winning project start? Well, there are no guarantees of course, but maybe it’s because we start asking our clients why they are in business exactly. Every company needs to create loyal customers, generate revenue, and satisfy shareholder expectations. But it’s how they’ll do those things that are important. Why are they in business? The more original and sincere their answer is, the more it matters to their customers, the more people are likely to buy into what they have on offer.

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We help businesses reach their full potential – through the power of purpose-driven communication design

Every company needs a purpose. Something beyond making money. It needs to be driven. It needs to make a difference.

But what is your purpose? Do you have one? When you own a purpose, you stand for something that is based on clarity and honesty, promise and delivery.

Great articulation of your purpose is everything. It will set your company apart from your competitors. The work must be positive, inspiring and charismatic. It must have beauty and brains. It must catch the eye and solve the business problem at the same time.

We have strong strategic instincts with an understanding of customer experience methodology, branding and advertising. We are fluent in industry and production processes, software, benchmarks, history and conventions. We are collaborative and are able to work with teams across different markets.

For inspired and focused communication design, look no further. Our work gets continued global recognition from our peers and industry press.





These days a logo needs broad shoulders

Are logos necessary in this age of brand overload? Do we really need them when half the world converses using non-visual media like Twitter and Facebook?

More than ever. That’s the opinion of the experts.

For one, our media-saturated society is more visually-oriented, not less. A great logo helps your customers pick out your brand from the clutter. It reminds them why they love you. And it reassures them that their selection is a good one.

But exactly what constitutes a great logo? Is it a question of simplicity? Of boldness? Certainly, a logo should stand out. It should intrigue customers at first glance. But that’s only part of the story.

Great logo design doesn’t happen by accident. It comes about through deliberate, careful consideration of your company’s purpose, values, dreams and promises. There are millions of businesses competing with you, so it not wise to pin your hopes on some designer’s whim. Things need to be careful and considered. It is crucial that you ‘own’ an identity that is unique to your brand.

Your logo is no longer a simple visual identity. It is – in the words of the late Swiss brand guru Jørg Zintzmeyer – the projector, the screen and the content of the film being projected.

It should, in other words, have broad shoulders. It needs to express the Big-Hairy-Ambitious-Goal of your organisation. A BHAG logo tells the whole story.

At BHAG design (Beehag design) we strategise, conceptualise and design the major creative components of your marketing mix. From logo identity design systems to various brand communication exponents like web, promotion, experiential, broadcast and online video. Our business is to engage, excite and embolden the idea that ignites your business. Simplicity and clarity of message are our approach to brand communication, creating the most original and relevant design solutions.

And it all starts where it should. With your first foot in the door. Your logo.


The secret of extraordinary companies

If your company has a Big Hairy Ambitious Goal, you won’t need the dry, dull wording of a Vision or Mission Statement. Your goal will be alive in everyone’s hearts and minds. It will be in the way they walk, they way get out of bed and come to work.

A BHAG is something they live.

But extraordinary companies don’t just happen. They’re planned. They’re based on a single-minded, radical strategy. Few initiatives will be as demanding of your leadership or as strategically challenging. It’s not easy to arrive at that focus. It will ask for your courage and clarity.

But once a BHAG is arrived at, it’s a door that opens. It’s something comes alive on a daily basis. A BHAG is alive! It’s extensively communicated through contemporary communication channels. It’s activated by interactive experiences, promotions and advertising. To keep things fresh, campaigns are reinvigorated.


Words are the skeleton, the muscles, the tissues. Type is the beautiful woman.

Here at BHAG Design, we have a love for letters. We love them as physical entities, having abstract beauty of their own, apart from the words they may express on. It deserves to be precision kerned for esthetic reasons. It needs to have a minimal amount of word-space for uninterrupted reading. And we wouldn’t want to mix too many fonts together. Our love of letters is the beginning of our typographical wisdom and its craft is designed to give meaning beyond words. Typography is one of the pillars we are building our brand design business on. If you need help or advice, knock on our door. You might get lucky when a beautiful woman will answer your call.