The secret of extraordinary companies

If your company has a Big Hairy Ambitious Goal, you won’t need the dry, dull wording of a Vision or Mission Statement. Your goal will be alive in everyone’s hearts and minds. It will be in the way they walk, they way get out of bed and come to work.

A BHAG is something they live.

But extraordinary companies don’t just happen. They’re planned. They’re based on a single-minded, radical strategy. Few initiatives will be as demanding of your leadership or as strategically challenging. It’s not easy to arrive at that focus. It will ask for your courage and clarity.

But once a BHAG is arrived at, it’s a door that opens. It’s something comes alive on a daily basis. A BHAG is alive! It’s extensively communicated through contemporary communication channels. It’s activated by interactive experiences, promotions and advertising. To keep things fresh, campaigns are reinvigorated.