Brand Storytelling

Most of the time, when developing a car brand, people produce communication which plays to the rules of the market. They focus on shots of the car; power and comfort are embarrassingly mandatory; sex is often a subtext somehow. But you always keep your ears and eyes wide open. In this case, we picked up on a story from one of our account managers; his wife and child survived a horrific accident in a Mercedes-Benz. Hang on a minute, we said. Skip the rules of the market. Forget the diagram of the safety cell. Let’s get to the heart of the matter: a young girl’s life was spared. Let’s see if that can add a valuable chapter to Mercedes-Benz’s already compelling brand story. Full page newspaper ad for Sonnenberg, Murphy, Leo Burnett. Written by Mark Varder. Photography by Michael Meyersfeld. Winner at the Clios awards, winner at the Clios, winner at Communication Arts.