Work that catches the eye with intrigue – and solves the business challenge at the same time

Your brand needs to solve real business problems. And it needs to make friends and to expand your sphere of influence. That’s where we come in. Joost Hulsbosch’ BHAG Design builds creativity into brands. You will see the results in the way your brand starts to look, speak and behave. It will suddenly have an energy and personality. Your brand story becomes something people want to share.

Velocitynet, the Ghanian telecom provider, is overhauling its brand identity. The company would like to tell the story of being truly connected at every point of access across its satellite and terrestrial networks – but in a uniquely Ghanian way. We like to think our work, which draws on traditional drum carvings found at King Opoku Ware’s 15th Century grave, does this. And highlights the letter V.

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