This little creature is already envisaging the next big thing in brand engagement.

This little creature lives in the back of my mind. It’s a metaphor for the way I approach each of my projects – always searching for new and stimulating technology applications in the world of brand communication. In the old days, offering an 360 degree integrated campaign often amount to nothing more than design consistency. For example, if all the advertising is printed in the right shade of yellow, uses the right font, and ends with the right tagline and logo, then it’s integrated. In the new world, 360 integration really means being connected to all consumer touchpoints: be it in digital, print, social, experiential or environmental media. Personally, I believe it should not be called 360 anymore, but 356, because people are permanently online. In addition, connected means something beyond the surface.

With more and more devices, products, and services becoming perpetually connected, a Big-Hairy-Ambitious-Goal (BHAG) can connect the dots in a smart way in order to serve the needs of the user. Your 356 communication is about how well connected you are with the audience and how well you connect the audience themselves. A good BHAG tells stories, but we advice to not make it about you. Make it about real people. Use the power of your brand BHAG, your data and reach to reflect the truth. For BHAG-based brands there is simply no finish line – they’re constantly on the lookout for the next big stimulus, for new and better ways to fulfill the core idea of the brand.


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