When you link good people with brave people, it truly can be magic

An original, hardworking idea doesn’t only depend on the creative person behind it; it also needs a good client. If the client didn’t cooperate with me, the outcome could easily become mediocre. Or even bad. To create work that gets people to notice and act upon, you need a trusting client that understands that to succeed in our modern-day ADD world, the brand needs to fascinate first of all, before it can do anything else.

To create fascinating brands is really difficult, but when you have found the thing that makes the brand unique, important and inspiring, people will come together and support the idea through fruition. Those of us that feel inspired, and know that failure is OK or work in environments where failure is accepted as part of growth, deliver better work and better ideas. My rule is: the work simply has to fascinate. The work can only work if it contains a WOW factor that creates meaning at the same time. This kind of magic only happens when both you and client work as partners.

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