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Your company is not just a brand, it’s a pilgrimage

You know how motivating it is when you’re on a mission. Everyone needs that – they thrive when they’re doing something that they believe in. All companies need to make […]

These days a logo needs broad shoulders

Are logos necessary in this age of brand overload? Do we really need them when half the world converses using non-visual media like Twitter and Facebook? More than ever. That’s […]

Forget Vision and Mission statements. What’s your Big Hairy Ambitious Goal?

Companies with a Big Hairy Ambitious Goal are motivated by the idea of making a difference. They look at unmet needs, under-served populations, and areas for improvement in the marketplace. […]

The secret of extraordinary companies

If your company has a Big Hairy Ambitious Goal, you won’t need the dry, dull wording of a Vision or Mission Statement. Your goal will be alive in everyone’s hearts […]

How brands win people over > It’s not what you sell, it’s what you stand for

A brand is a lot like a person – if it doesn’t have a point of view, it isn’t very interesting. As a brand, you can achieve great persona by […]

Words are the skeleton, the muscles, the tissues. Type is the beautiful woman.

Here at BHAG Design, we have a love for letters. We love them as physical entities, having abstract beauty of their own, apart from the words they may express on. […]

When you link good people with brave people, it truly can be magic

An original, hardworking idea doesn’t only depend on the creative person behind it; it also needs a good client. If the client didn’t cooperate with me, the outcome could easily […]

Tell me, what is your company’s purpose? Do you have one or are you still looking?

Every company needs a purpose. Something beyond making money. It needs to be driven. It needs to make a difference. But what is your purpose? Do you have one? When […]

Work that catches the eye with intrigue – and solves the business challenge at the same time

Your brand needs to solve real business problems. And it needs to make friends and to expand your sphere of influence. That’s where we come in. Joost Hulsbosch’ BHAG Design […]

Fascinate or Fail

Why are you captivated by some people but not by others? In a distracted, overcrowded world, why are some brands fascinating while many (most) fail to truly intrigue us? Fascination. […]

Style > it simply helps clarify complex things

In today’s overcrowded marketplace, style helps you get noticed. It focuses people’s attention on your presence. In itself, that is a sound reason to invest in your brand’s visual communication, […]

We develop iconic brand personalities that stand and deliver

We articulate and champion the Big-Hairy-Ambitious-Goal (BHAG) that sets your company apart from your competitors. When you own a BHAG, you choose to stand for something that is based on clarity […]

Big + Hairy = Good

If it was up to us, we choose Big and Hairy over Small and Silly. There’s plenty of Small and Silly going around in the world of Marketing. These times […]

“Crisis is the optimal moment for a company to renew its goals and improve its culture.”

Every now and then, companies, like people, face the daunting, painful task of reinventing themselves. What has served them well in the past, no longer has power and resonance. What […]

Every company needs a Big-Hairy-Ambitious-Goal

Does your company have a Big-Hairy-Ambitious-Goal? You may think it’s to make money, to create shareholder value, to grow. Every company needs to do those things. It’s how you’ll do […]

This little creature is already envisaging the next big thing in brand engagement.

This little creature lives in the back of my mind. It’s a metaphor for the way I approach each of my projects – always searching for new and stimulating technology […]

Interactive, visually-led storytelling that fuels the heart and mind

Even large corporations and governments have now recognised the value of giving the public the power to influence key decisions and have adopted socially-oriented business models. This past year, for […]

Meticulous crafted ideas that work online, offline and ontime

Sometimes we’re ashamed to find ourselves working in an industry where standards and good taste can be substandard. We distance ourselves from this malaise. We prefer to deliver quality. We […]

We work on decisive projects in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, UK, USA, South Africa and China

Every day, business leaders across the world need to realise the potential of their company. They need to grow its value, command healthy margins and gain loyal customers. They do the necessary. They develop their leadership, cut […]