BHAG Design. The concept & design work of Joost Hulsbosch


BHAG Design (pronounce: Bee-hag design) is centered around the work of Joost Hulsbosch, integrated graphic designer and executive creative director.

The work you’ll find on this site is a combination of real produced work, pitch initiatives and self-generated concepts and design. It should give the viewer a good impression of what my work is all about.

Together with you, the client, Joost and his team design integrated brand, product and service experiences that will help your business engage with your stakeholders. It is not enough for a brand design to catch the eye – it must, first and foremost, solve your business challenge.

“Our aim is to become a fixed part of your company, so that we can contribute to build a lasting, valuable company position through serving the right creative and conceptual solutions consistently, year after year, to employees and customers.”–Joost

Joost and his colleagues are experienced, collaborative team players, and think cross-media platforms. We collaborate with technology, media, and production companies that strive for meticulous craftsmanship.