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Radical change at 75

Corporate communication for Timberland, the American manufacturer and retailer of outdoors wear with a focus on footwear. Timberland (part of the VF Corporation) celebrates its 75th birthday and calls all its stakeholders to join the party. However, it’s not all going to be fun. It’s also a good time to learn in person of Timberland’s new business plan that management is envisioning. To learn and understand the strategy behind it. And what it means for you and the future of the business.

At the same event, as part of this new strategy, CEO Eric Wiseman also wishes to announce a new partnership with English footwear maker Puzo. Enough reason to intrigue and make sure people will attend this important annual meeting. Below is a selection of the various elements we’ve done i.e. company journal cover, invitations, congress banners, and various web elements.

TimMAG2 tim22bannerswebelements

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Doing good in food > Mondelez International Foundation identity & communication

Mondelēz International, Inc. (NASDAQ: MDLZ) is one of the world’s largest snacks companies, with global net revenues of $35 billion in 2012. Their brand portfolio is deep and wide and accommodates a range of famous chocolate, candy and biscuits brands of which some are more than 100 years old and own marketshares of more than 50% in their categories. || As one of the world’s largest food companies, the company takes social responsibility very serious and are committed to fighting hunger and promoting active, healthy lifestyles. The Mondelēz International Foundation wants to give back and do ‘good’. It takes a collaborative approach to tackle these global problems – working with consumers, companies, governments and leading non-governmental organisations.

This uplifting logo expresses the company’s desire to show another side of their business; an important side that stands and acts with purpose, positivity and integrity. Its goal is to develop a healthier world in where all of Mondelēz’ stakeholders can trust and obtain the confidence that is so critical to the company’s future. || Deliverables: Logo, Stationery, Brand book, Brand messaging, Company collateral and widget-based Website.

stationarybrandbookbrandbook2newspapersMbillboard_08 MbrochMbroch2


Graphic design

TyYoga – Shift your Body and Mind into Balance

Ty Moodley Yoga (TyYoga) offers the comprehensive Iyengar method for yoga in the heart of the city – in the serene settings of the Sandton Mews Garden complex. For Ty, yoga is more than just a form of exercise; it is a holistic experience that benefits the body, mind, and spirit. The philosophy and ideals behind this ancient practice explains how yoga can help shift the stresses of modern living into balance, vitality and rejuvenation. Ty’s customer base does mainly cater for young professionals – therefore, the communication needed to be arresting and fresh. Ty believes these typographic posters express his Balance proposition exactly.

Web / Interactive design

Brothers + Sisters: Crazy Passionate about Creating Social Media Campaigns

Brothers + Sisters are specialist social media developers. Their website works best on a mobile phone. They believe the potential for businesses to be successful in social media is monstrous huge, if you know how to do it. First, you need to have some awesome strategic insights at hand that are hard to copy for anybody else. Second, you need a digital partner that can turn these insights into magical content, with plenty of flair and drive. Brothers + Sisters is such a company. Their track record is impressive, their visual skill-sets have won awards the world over… and their people are fun to work with.

The Brothers + Sisters team consists of several technology evangelists, business leaders, tech gurus and industry certified  professionals who are crazy passionate about what they do. The expert team has extensive industry and in-depth local market knowledge. They offer web, mobile and other IT strategies, as well as development services for organisations that range from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Launching a website, app or social media campaign can be stressful, but rest assured, Brothers + Sisters have the knowledge and experience to take care of it.1

Corporate identity · Graphic design

Promoting regional culture: Theater Anoniem

Theater Anoniem (Anonymus) is a performance arts companionship that operates on a non-profit basis. It stages theatrical productions – as in staged plays that range from comedy to drama and is based in Lille/Gierle (in Flanders, Belgium). It brings fascinating stage productions to everyone who loves to see local artistry and dialect taken to another level. Its ambitious performance repertoire has local actors on their toes and since we’ve been designing their new identity and announcement posters, crowds have been flocking to the venues. This is a pro-bono project and we work closely together with various stakeholders as directors, actors, photographers, digital artists and printers to get our messaging out there.

6posters26posters3 6posters4 6posters5
Web / Interactive design

IUCN iPhone app

For the IUCN, the International Union for Conservation of Nature, we rejuvenated the organisation’s purpose and designed a complete new visual grid. One of many elements was to produce this app for the serious conservationist that supplies daily information about the state of the planet. The app provides in-depth access to current ‘hot-issue’ cases across the planet and informs, interacts, guides, and unites all stakeholders to a healthier planet for all. (The IUCN is the world’s oldest and largest global environmental network – a democratic membership union with more than 1,000 government and NGO member organizations, and almost 11,000 volunteer scientists in more than 160 countries.)

The design was built to express the following goals: 1. We wanted to IUCN’s identity to reflect its stature and authority – and to make the organisation look unapologetically modern and professional. Funding from governments and multinationals is critical. 2. The grid of dots represents IUCN’s global network of experts and how the organisation can link them together to create informed decisions. The dots also represent the interconnectedness of life. 3. The images are either from very high up or from very close – to communicate the scale and the detail with which IUCN works.

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Print vs Digital

What will happen to print now that digital is taking over so forcefully? Will paper only be good for folding origami? This ironic concept expresses just that. The digital revolution is under way and it has consequences for everybody. What does it mean from a marketing point of view? What are the up and coming digital platforms and which should you be utilizing to reach your audiences? These, and other issues, will be part of a vivid panel discussion of pros and cons: Print vs Digital. Invitation poster and iPad app for congress attendants. For iTV-Asia and Le Royal Meridien Hotel in Shanghai, China. Winner of the 58th Type Directors Club of New York 2012. Gold winner in Graphis Best Poster awards 2012-13. Winner Communication Arts Typography 2013.

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Hulma. Turning the World on its Head.

This is all fictional, but I sometimes wonder what would have happened if my Dad’s fashion business had taken off in the sixties and seventies, when he took over his father’s clothing business called Hulma. What would it be like today? How exciting could it be storing some of the finest brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Wallis, Calvin Klein, Hermes and Girbaud? And how could I help to create powerful communication design would turn the world on its head, attracting customers from all over? E-commerce and advertising / POS elements. Photography by Steve Hiatt and La Chose.

Graphic design

Employee Empowerment on the African Continent

African economies are changing fast. It is challenging for any organisation to operate in them, but with more than 1 billion potential customers at hand, the prospects are gigantic. Africa’s hallmark is diversity and widespread research has learned that organisations owning purpose-lead strategies tap better into Africa’s growth rewards than organisations that don’t. African governments and communities will continue to welcome responsible and committed investment that create meaning beyond realising their common profit growth aims. In return, governments offer greater regional access, integration and infrastructure development that hold the prospect of a more connected continent. Purpose matters in Africa, perhaps more than in any other continent — fostering an over-arching goal that can lead to a better life, a better experience, a better relation or better service. It’ll boost your company’s affluence, growth and loyalty. But beware, no purpose-strategy is self-executing: you have to make it real. Sustainable success in Africa is increasingly turning on identifying, nurturing and retaining talented and committed local staff. As a business operating on the African continent, MultiChoice Africa (MCA) is very conscious of its responsibility towards its employee development. The MCA Employee Report communicates its African experiences, stories, goals, and why the business invests so heavily in Africa’s future. It understands that the success of its operations and the prosperity of the communities in which it operates are closely linked to its over-arching purpose: by ENRICHING LIVES, the company actively participates in social transformation and, through technology, enables individuals and communities to help themselves.


MultiChoice Africa’s activities involve the operation of Pay-Television and internet subscriber platforms across the African continent.


Editorial design

Leaders on leadership > CEO/Nation magazine

A B2B concept for a global leadership magazine in print and digital formats. Initiated by the Johannesburg University of the Witswatersrand which has a global reputation built on research, academic and business excellence. Published in partnership with Montreal’s York University School of Business, the Rotterdam School of Management, Brazil’s Universidade de Pernambuco, the University of Queensland Australia, the London Business School, the University of Arkansas and the Oslo University of Norway, this high-quality magazine pays tribute to their former students – and therefore their own education institutions and standards. Every issue of CEO/Nation examines one particular leader in one particular country on his/her leadership role – reflecting on both personal and professional lifestyle, the ability to confront and solve everyday challenges, provide direction, implement plans, motivate people and instal lasting cultures. Photography by Martin SchoellerCEO1ceo3CEO2ceo4


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Food, Fun and Fulfillment from Japan

Communication strategy, naming, logo and multi-media brand launch for Sang Song (Love Food) chain of Japanese gourmet restaurants. As the hottest new addition to Cape Town’s dining and bar scene, Sang Song Restaurant & Bar serves up contemporary Japanese fare created by sushi guru Ken Tominaga, who boasts authentic Japanese training and presents a mix of new-style sushi and classic dishes. Set within a sophisticated designer space in the rejuvenated Woodstock area, Sang Song has been cleverly laid out to cater for solo diners, couples, groups of all sizes and live music performances. Sang Song’s objective is to create an authentic and sensual escapade. We call it Food, Fun and Fulfillment from Japan.


These days a logo needs broad shoulders

Are logos necessary in this age of brand overload? Do we really need them when half the world converses using non-visual media like Twitter and Facebook?

More than ever. That’s the opinion of the experts.

For one, our media-saturated society is more visually-oriented, not less. A great logo helps your customers pick out your brand from the clutter. It reminds them why they love you. And it reassures them that their selection is a good one.

But exactly what constitutes a great logo? Is it a question of simplicity? Of boldness? Certainly, a logo should stand out. It should intrigue customers at first glance. But that’s only part of the story.

Great logo design doesn’t happen by accident. It comes about through deliberate, careful consideration of your company’s purpose, values, dreams and promises. There are millions of businesses competing with you, so it not wise to pin your hopes on some designer’s whim. Things need to be careful and considered. It is crucial that you ‘own’ an identity that is unique to your brand.

Your logo is no longer a simple visual identity. It is – in the words of the late Swiss brand guru Jørg Zintzmeyer – the projector, the screen and the content of the film being projected.

It should, in other words, have broad shoulders. It needs to express the Big-Hairy-Ambitious-Goal of your organisation. A BHAG logo tells the whole story.

At BHAG design (Beehag design) we strategise, conceptualise and design the major creative components of your marketing mix. From logo identity design systems to various brand communication exponents like web, promotion, experiential, broadcast and online video. Our business is to engage, excite and embolden the idea that ignites your business. Simplicity and clarity of message are our approach to brand communication, creating the most original and relevant design solutions.

And it all starts where it should. With your first foot in the door. Your logo.

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CI for Ninth House

Founded in 1996 and headquartered in San Francisco, California, Ninth House, Inc. is an innovator using technology to create effective, career-changing learning experiences. By taking a holistic approach to education, Ninth House customizes organizational learning solutions that get results beyond the norm. Ninth House has proven expertise in initiatives designed to develop managers and leaders, spawn culture change, value diversity and create engaged, high performing employees. This re-branding proposal from 2014, including a series of tailored-made student apps, adds value to Ninth House’s proposition of embracing the newest educational learning processes.

Book design · Graphic design

The United Nations and Unicef: A global pact on children’s rights

This 24-page booklet explains in simple and engaging language, the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which was adopted by the General Assembly and UNICEF in 1989. The booklet targets children of secondary education institutions across 12 different countries in the Mid and South Americas. The Convention’s 54 articles cover everything from a child’s right to be free from sexual and economic exploitation, to the right to his or her own opinion, and to the right to education, health care, and economic opportunity are part of this education gloss-over. Illustrated by Sam Brown and printed on heavy stock – Translated and published in 12 countries. United Nations 2009, New York, NY.
annual report annual report annual report annual reportannual report


Better listening leads to better solutions > Siemens Information and Communication platform

These full-page newspaper ads reflect modern day frustrations at grass root level. Many businesses need help on improving their electronic networking and real-time communication platforms. They need software modules and systems that are fault-tolerant, quick and increasingly resemble genuine artificial intelligence. These new applications are geared to understand business much better. Soon, there will be an increasing use of humanoid virtual figures, software agents or even actual robots, which are able to act autonomously in certain situations and can adapt to a company’s needs and preferences at much bigger speeds and capacity. Moreover, routine tasks will be increasingly conducted by technical systems, which will be capable of learning from experience and managing themselves in alliance with other machines. Thanks to miniaturization in microelectronics and increases in software power, many devices will be outfitted with integrated sensors, artificial intelligence and the ability to communicate. As such computing intelligence comes to inhabit more and more commonplace objects, it will increasingly become an invisible part of everyday life. At least, that’s what the engineers at Siemens are working on. Just so you know …


The secret of extraordinary companies

If your company has a Big Hairy Ambitious Goal, you won’t need the dry, dull wording of a Vision or Mission Statement. Your goal will be alive in everyone’s hearts and minds. It will be in the way they walk, they way get out of bed and come to work.

A BHAG is something they live.

But extraordinary companies don’t just happen. They’re planned. They’re based on a single-minded, radical strategy. Few initiatives will be as demanding of your leadership or as strategically challenging. It’s not easy to arrive at that focus. It will ask for your courage and clarity.

But once a BHAG is arrived at, it’s a door that opens. It’s something comes alive on a daily basis. A BHAG is alive! It’s extensively communicated through contemporary communication channels. It’s activated by interactive experiences, promotions and advertising. To keep things fresh, campaigns are reinvigorated.

Book design

It’s Not About How Smart You Can Be…

… It’s About How Wealthy You Can Be. How do you get people who have absolutely zero desire to read a book on investing to read one? You don’t just write it, you design it. Our objective was to reduce investing to simple, timeless principles. And to add awareness, drama, understanding and, yes, even laughter. Read it and you’ll be better off than 80% of investors. Written by Mark Varder / Design by Joost Hulsbosch / Published by Jacana Publishers 2008+2010  A Loerie Award for Design, 2009



Yield-X. Isn’t the 21st Century wonderful?

These magazine and indoor billboard ads announce the all new electronic interest rate exchange of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE). For Varder-Hulsbosch Brand Developers. 1. Spot Bonds. SWAPS. FRA’s. Repossessions. Carries. A single point of access. Isn’t the 21st Century wonderful? 2. Optimum price discovery. Maximum cost efficiency. That’s the beauty of cold, hard technology. 3. One click and you’re in. Coming soon. YieldX, the JSE’s online Internet Rate Exchange.

Book design · Graphic design

Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles

The prestigious Art University of Brussels publishes its 300th anniversary coffee table book. One section about previous student David Vasiljevic was designed by BHAG Design. It holds the story of how a Cum Laude student in Oil Painting became one the world’s top 5 beauty and fashion photographers.

Born in Australia and raised between Croatia, Italy and Belgium, David Vasiljevic trained as an oil painter at the prestigious Academie des Beaux Arts in Brussels. After graduating with honours he moved to London, where he started his fabulous photo career. A perfectionist known for his impeccable fashion and beauty images, David is a prolific contributor to several international editions of the big fashion magazines like Harper’s Bazar, Bon’s, Elle, and the French, English, American, Chinese and German Vogue, as well as some other of the world’s most prestigious fashion publications, from i-D to Numéro Tokyo. David is equally reknowned for his flawless, powerful port traiture A-list celebrities such as Penelope Cruz, Naomi Watts, Diane Kruger, Eva Mendez and Tom Ford have all been captured in his lens. His advertising clients include Stella McCartney, Givenchy Perfumes Armani Jeans, Levi’s, and H&M. Born in Australia and raised between Croatia, Italy and Belgium, David Vasiljevic trained as an oil painter at the prestigious Academie des Beaux Arts in Brussels. After graduating with honours he moved to London, where he started his photographic career.

1Screen shot 2011-06-29 at 4.06.25 PM Screen shot 2011-06-29 at 4.06.47 PM Screen shot 2011-06-29 at 4.07.17 PM

Book design

Liza Marklund’s international bestsellers

Dust jacket design for Morton Books.* Every book has a Big-Hairy-Ambitious-Goal, and as a designer, you need to find the essence of the manuscript in front of you. As a design studio we craft each book carefully, dedicating the time that each book needs without rushing into random ideas. Liza Marklund’s three-ology of quirky Australian crime stories, perfectly describe the harsh and desolate world of the Australian outback. * Morton Books is a fictive publisher that allows me to showcase my cover concept and design work.


Words are the skeleton, the muscles, the tissues. Type is the beautiful woman.

Here at BHAG Design, we have a love for letters. We love them as physical entities, having abstract beauty of their own, apart from the words they may express on. It deserves to be precision kerned for esthetic reasons. It needs to have a minimal amount of word-space for uninterrupted reading. And we wouldn’t want to mix too many fonts together. Our love of letters is the beginning of our typographical wisdom and its craft is designed to give meaning beyond words. Typography is one of the pillars we are building our brand design business on. If you need help or advice, knock on our door. You might get lucky when a beautiful woman will answer your call.

Advertising · Corporate identity

Get there first

Sony Electronics needs to rekindle its innovative spirit, inspire its workforce and position its global brand with a tech-loving society. After a comprehensive immersion into the principles that CEO Sir Howard Stringer was bringing to the Sony corporation, we proposed the demanding, inescapable brand idea Get There First. 


Get There First is about believing that Sony is at the cutting edge. That if you buy a Sony product you are ahead. The words are true of Sony’s heritage. You can believe that Sony, if anyone, got to things first. They invented the whole thing of electronic gadgets. And have continued, more or less, ever since. Both management and employees at Sony Corporation must live up to the company’s Big Hairy Ambitious Goal in order to survive. xperiaFIRSTThe Get There First campaign is split between internal, external and retail audiences and uses all media components. Building Sony’s reputation makes use of inspiring stories – headed by known and unknown people and often related to Sony’s entertainment and engineering business. Every touchpoint strengthens a new belief in the company’s capabilities and ethos. Get There First expresses the human desire to be one step ahead, to be a boundary breaker, to be an innovator.

Layout 1_Page 2 Layout 1_Page 3

In quintessential retail, the proof is in the pudding. Sony’s intrinsic product benefits form the basis of each message and answer to the brand idea of making lives better through product innovation. Get There First becomes very powerful.

  1. It helps shoppers to reason-why they’re paying a premium for an innovative, superior technological advanced product.
  2. Consumers like to buy into brands that stand for something. Who are on a mission to change the world for better.
  3. Sony acts like an early-adopters brand again. Leading the way. It says, this the way the world is moving, get there first.

FIRST1_Page 4 FIRST1_Page 5 FIRST1_Page 6

For Powerpact LLC Dallas, New York, San Diego

Corporate identity

Visual identity > Tommy’s CGI / photography work

Logo and posters for upcoming car photographer and Computer Generated Imaging (CGI) specialist. Although the design makes use of an existing font –designed by Juan Pablo De Gregorio– the combination of letters diverge from the norm. When our little grey cells fill in the blanks between the slit syllables, we see what isn’t actually there. It fits Tommy’s use of 3D technology extremely well. He also focuses on things that aren’t actually there. (Like the computer-drawn automobiles in the examples below.) His work is executed in a realm of astonishing perfectionism. If you’re interested in the amazing possibilities of CGI, contact Tommy on www.tommyhulsbosch.com


We have won more than 260 creative awards for our work (so far)

We have won more than 260 creative awards for our work, locally and internationally. Many of those, we are proud to say, are for effectiveness. We have been lucky enough to work on a wide range of clients, from iconic brands to nerve-wracking start-ups. From a single logo identity to fully-fledged multimedia ad campaigns.

How does an award-winning project start? Well, there are no guarantees of course, but maybe it’s because we start asking our clients why they are in business exactly. Every company needs to create loyal customers, generate revenue, and satisfy shareholder expectations. But it’s how they’ll do those things that’s important. Why are they in business? The more original and sincere their answer is, the more it matters to their customers, the more people are likely to buy into what they have on offer.

Corporate identity

YSA-Lapin Leadership Consultants

Corporate identity and collateral for YSA-Lapin, South Africa’s leadership development consultancy. The logo, simply formed out of two curved lines, expresses road-crossing decision taking, and have elements of letters of the key founders. Also below, you’ll find some spreads out of the company’s 36-page brochure that is shot at their new office location, a restored victorian building on top of the Houghton Hill in Johannesburg.What do the people at YSA-Lapin do so well? In a nutshell, they challenge and support organisations and executives who are ready for meaningful growth or change. They learn clients to challenge their assumptions, confront reality, evaluate choices, take responsible risk, act deliberately and respond to the consequences. By aligning strategy, culture and leadership.  For Varder-Hulsbosch Brand Developers. 

Packaging design

100% Liquid Fruit Packaging

Updated logo and packaging design for Appelsientje. Market leader by far, this brand is the Dutch icon in the fruit juice category since the mid-seventies. Everybody knows what the unusual names stand for: 100% pure orange and apple juice and everybody loves it. However, the existing packaging felt worn-out and needed an stylish shift to stay ahead of its many contenders. Part of the packaging solution was to use Tetra Pak’s aseptic packaging processes – which allow liquid food to retain colour, texture, natural taste and nutritional value for up to 12 months, without the need for preservatives or refrigeration. The superiority of the printing works for us too and allows Appelsientje to express the quality the stands for. For Moka design, Brussels

Corporate identity

100% Texas Sun and Wind

Over 6 million customers in Texas USA power their home and business with TXU Energy, making it the No.1 choice for green electricity in Texas. The company’s BHAG is to revolutionize the electricity environment by serving customers and communities clean and efficient applications of 100% wind and sun energy. This new and modernized brand reflects TXU Energy’s business strengths and market-leading position. It is indicative of TXU’s forward-looking stance, focusing on the company’s commitment to customers, and representing its determent approach to green energy. Logo / Full identity program for a whole range of products, facilities, and marketing materials.

Book design

Big Fart by Hugh Hass

The hilarious grand-style bible of toilet humour. More than 1800 pages of jokes, observations, eccentric facts and useless information. Bound in black leather and gold impressed folio print, it makes it intriguing reading when spending time in the small room.

Editorial design

Remarkable Trees

This bi-monthly magazine concept is devoted to the beauty, function and form of Southern Africa’s indigenous and non-indigenous trees. In the big scheme of things, every species and specie-detail characteristic is for a reason. Learning about it is an ongoing past-time interest for many people.


Reebok’s World Record

Award winning newspaper ad for Reebok at Sonnenberg Murphy Leo Burnett in Johannesburg. South African long distance runner Elana Meyer broke a world record – not just by a few second, but with the time it takes you to read this headline. Written by Mark Varder. Winner in The One Show. Winner in Graphis Advertising Annuals. Winner in Communication Arts.


Fighting Xenophobia

In South Africa, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has a Big-Hairy-Ambitious-Goal: to significantly reduce the high levels of xenophobia towards refugees. Most of the approximately 500.000 refugees entering South Africa annually have an illegal status and form a threat to the already huge unemployment problem in the country. One of the key UNHCR roles is to work closely with the Government’s Department of Home Affairs and other partners to create awareness and build tolerance toward refugees and asylum-seekers through public information campaigns against xenophobia and interventions at the community level designed to facilitate dialogue.