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Employee Empowerment on the African Continent

African economies are changing fast. It is challenging for any organisation to operate in them, but with more than 1 billion potential customers at hand, the prospects are gigantic. Africa’s hallmark is diversity and widespread research has learned that organisations owning purpose-lead strategies tap better into Africa’s growth rewards than organisations that don’t. African governments and communities will continue to welcome responsible and committed investment that create meaning beyond realising their common profit growth aims. In return, governments offer greater regional access, integration and infrastructure development that hold the prospect of a more connected continent. Purpose matters in Africa, perhaps more than in any other continent — fostering an over-arching goal that can lead to a better life, a better experience, a better relation or better service. It’ll boost your company’s affluence, growth and loyalty. But beware, no purpose-strategy is self-executing: you have to make it real. Sustainable success in Africa is increasingly turning on identifying, nurturing and retaining talented and committed local staff. As a business operating on the African continent, MultiChoice Africa (MCA) is very conscious of its responsibility towards its employee development. The MCA Employee Report communicates its African experiences, stories, goals, and why the business invests so heavily in Africa’s future. It understands that the success of its operations and the prosperity of the communities in which it operates are closely linked to its over-arching purpose: by ENRICHING LIVES, the company actively participates in social transformation and, through technology, enables individuals and communities to help themselves.


MultiChoice Africa’s activities involve the operation of Pay-Television and internet subscriber platforms across the African continent.